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Fundraising for Almedin Trako
Dec 29, 2016

Fundraising for Almedin Trako

December 29, 2016, is the day Club of Social Aid and Solidarity launched a fundraising campaign to help cover medical treatment of Almedin Trako, who is suffering from liver failure. He is going to be treated at Acibadem clinic in Istanbul and the estimated costs of his surgery. treatment, and recovery, are 49.000€. All students, staff and everyone else who is willing to take part in this campaign can take their donations to the box which can be found on the ground floor of building B. The campaign will end in seven days. You can also donate via his bank account:

Raiffeisen BANK
Žiro račun banke: 1610550000000032
za Trako Almedin
Thank you!