The IBU Preparatory School of English Language provides a diverse learning language environment that places a high value on a creative and rigorous contemporary preparatory curriculum in a structured environment; develops character, meets the students’ differing talents, interests and academic needs through a supportive staff in a well-structured programs; and encourages students to widen their horizons, gain an appreciation for and an excitement about learning English and achieve their full potential.

Its mission is to provide a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous EFL curriculum within an inclusive, diverse academic staff.

The school’s objective is to develop students who demonstrate an excellent command of English language after their graduation. IBU Preparatory School of English Language students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumnae form a community with a shared commitment to:

  • Encourage all students to achieve excellence in English language learning
  • Implement the highest standards of instructional methods
  • Attract and retain outstanding teachers who inspire a passion for learning, demonstrate excellence and serve as exemplary role models
  • Run a student-centered program placing emphasis on various language tasks which promote primarily communicative and academic language skills.
  • Create autonomous learners and to equip its students with competence in English, research skills, critical and creative thinking skills, to enable them to be successful in their future academic, professional and daily lives.